518 Business Garden

Project: 518 Business Garden

Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Maciej Debicki

Area: 25000 sqm

Location: Shanghai, China

Status: Concept stage, in progress

518 Business Garden designed for The Carlyle Group is a complicated architectural renovation of hotel building and adaptation for a new function. Building, Located nearby the city business district, has been originally designed in early ’90, and is an example of problem majority of cities in China will have to face in the nearest future.

Bad quality of materials and functional solutions, archaic design and fast changing society are major problems for many 20-30 years old buildings in developing Chinese cities. In case of redesigned hotel, there is one more problem, we had to solve: adaptation to new function. Considering existing floor height, dense distribution of technical shafts and lack of many supporting functions within the building core, we had to redesign the building entirely, with consideration of removing some of the floors and rebuilding demolished areas in other locations.

Our main objective was to answer investor’s question: “Is that financially efficient to invest in this project?”. New, proposed end user group were mid-small startups interested in having good location in city center, convenient communication with clients and short term rental contract, so they can easier control the costs.

We decided to break the “Monumental style” of façade into several, rhythmical parts, which allowed to expose internal building functions on the elevation. Use of high quality ceramic façade tiles and clean curtain wall details made the building to stand out from neighborhood. Heavy top part was changed functionally to VIP offices and gardens and visually adapted to new concept.

Interior design followed the concept as well. Simple, clean and easy to manage materials creates light and open lobby in contrary to previous heavy and fake hotel foyer. Functionally, the building is divided into 3 parts: retail located in the basement, 1st and partly 2nd floor, large office areas located in the building podium and mid and small offices located on the upper floors.

Project made by PLUSspace International

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