Accenture campus

Project: Accenture campus

Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Maciej Debicki, Joon Song, Sergey Vaskin

Area: 4500 sqm

Location: Dalian, China

Status: Concept Design

Accenture is is a leading global professional services company providing a range of strategy, consulting, digital, technology & operations services and solutions. Its new campus, located in Dalian, contains of 3 buildings, which will serve to more than 2000 employees.

After finishing first stage design and built services for Accenture we focused on preparing new design concept for remaining floors. Due to size of the project, the most important issue was to find common focus point and provide to all workers with similar, but different look&feel.

It was important for company to express their international image in underlining each of the offices in China with local touch. Hence the concept of “reflection of the City”.

Breakout spaces throughout the project reflected famous spots in Dalian, where corridors and passages turned into streets and alleys. Different floors reflects different natural assets of Dalian, reminding about natural environment importance and enhancing workplace value.

In the same time the concept focused on future plans of company and its strong branding. Hence working areas, meeting rooms and check-in spots are led by Accenture arrows and dynamic shapes.

Project made by PLUSspace International

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