Binzhou Creative Center

Project: Binzhou Creative Center

Location: Binzhou, China

Status: Competition

Project is part of Masterplan design concept, which was awarded with 1st Grand Prix in international competition.

Project is part of competition organized by the City Planning Department of Binzhou municipality concerned about masterplan design proposal for north, developing part of Binzhou and its neighbourhood.

Creative center is important part of government support for developing areas in China, allowing faster business accommodation. Each center contains of typical functions: conference centers, hi-tech workplace areas and accommodation for employees.

Considering planning requirements, natural assets of surrounding lakes and cultural sites, creative center in Binzhou masterplan remains one of the most important landmarks.

Complex contains of 3 parts, connected by underground levels. Its central, cylindrical part includes conference centers and basic commercial, allowing visitors for all-day experience.

There are 2 towers, connected by lobby functional area, which serves additionally as: VIP area, service office space and building and organization management office. In 2 towers there are areas designed for offices as well as hotel and residential functions with VIP gardens on top floors.

Project made by ANS architects and planners

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