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Binzhou Masterplan

Project: Binzhou masterplan

Location: Binzhou, China

Status: Competition

Masterplan concept design was awarded with 1st Grand Prix in international competition.

Masterplan concept for north part of Binzhou is developed for international competition organized by the City Planning Department of Binzhou municipality.

Final, awarded design was created by team consisting of architects and planners based on local government requirements and future development plan for city of Binzhou.

Masterplan consist of business, touristic, residential and educational areas, which are connected by natural view axes along lakes and rivers. Project is divided into stages, which allow to adjust design after each stage completion, in accordance to changing market and social situation.

There are several historical and environmental elements, which are required to be preserved and underlined by design, among others: Buddha statue, historical bridge and old village. All those elements find its place in design and remain important values of local culture.

Important part of government plan is to provide local community with “creative centers”, which trigger fast business and science development in 2nd and 3rd tier cities in China. Hence, on the west side of river, there is science incubator area, which consist of “creative center” and supportive functions surrounding it.

Project made by ANS architects and planners

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