Craft Beer Market

Project: Craft Beer Market

Location: Shanghai, China

Status: Design Development

Craft Beer Market in Xintiandi is the first famous Canadian beer-on-tap retail in Asia-Pacific market. Our main task was to develop original idea of beer factory look and feel and adapt it for new location.

CBM heritage is reflected in functional design. Customer visiting the space may experience beer production process.
On the first floor there is bar with keg room behind, where all the imported beer barrels are kept. From there, using special pipes, which are hung below the ceiling, the beer is transferred to other levels.

One of the main design features is staircase located on the main building elevation. Beer pipes cut through this space, making walking up the stairs interesting and creating visual identification visible from outside.

2 level consists of main, the longest bar, where pipes ends at central portion where all taps are located. There are semi private and fully open spaces, allowing for multipurpose use, private parties and big sports venues.

From the 3rd floor there is good view over main bar and staircase. Here the density of seats is lower and the feeling of space is more lounge oriented. Narrower staircase leads to 4th, VIP floor, where additional bar, private rooms and outside terrace are located.

Project made by ANS architects and planners

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