ERAL retail

Project: ERAL retail

Location: Global

Status: Design proposal

As the biggest fast developing fashion company in China, ERAL wanted to take next step and expand to Asia-Pacific market. Hence company global rebranding was important and our task was to design typical façade for ERAL direct retail shops.
We looked at company experience in fashion market as well as future expectations and based our design concept on link between customer and fashion – fabric.

There are many different fabrics in almost infinite amount of colors and patterns. That was why we focused on white color and played with structure of surface. Building façade can reflect the color and the best creator is natural environment changing the way we see surface.
Not only the weather plays important role, but also different time of day and night. Changing angle of sun rays, night artificial lighting and even moving cars – it all affects the way shop look like in very particular moment.

We proposed 3 different options, that could be used interchangeably. The first was inspired by origami. Its sharp pattern seems to be flat, but under influence of light it creates vivid experience of intersecting triangles. Easy to manage aluminium mesh is semi-transparent, keeping the space inside cool during hot summer and allowing artificial light to backlit façade during night.

Second option was inspired by silk. Wavy, light fabric and its amazing movement is reflected in parallel lines created by aluminium horizontal sunshade bars. It is easy to adjust design, which drop the material costs down and let different each shop from another.

Third option was inspired by extreme patterns we find in the most contemporary fabrics design. Pivoting ceramic tiles are the base element of premium looking façade. Each tile vertical angle can be adjusted, depending on season or shop, which makes it universal solution for retail chain.

Project made by PLUSspace International

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