Idex office

Project: Idex office and R&D center

Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Maciej Debicki, Richard Ding

Area: 2200 sqm

Location: Suzhou, China

Status: Completed in December 2016

Idex corporation is American company, best known for expertise in highly engineered fluidics systems and components, as well for expertise in fire and safety products.

The company expansion in China triggered decision to build new plant with R&D center in Suzhou. In 2016, it became the biggest Idex plant specialized in pumps in the world.

Project was divided in 2 phases. First covered plant building and equipment with infrastructure preparation. In the next step, office building with R&D center was planned.

In order to achieve best planning efficiency there were several interviews with Idex end users, including scientists, regular office staff and PAC managers. Based on this experience, concept plan was developed – 2 floors of total of 2200 sqm space for office and R&D part with centrally planned 2 floor high entrance lobby, many collaboration, breakout areas and canteen for over 300 plant workers.

As for office and R&D center, design must be functional. Where interior function separation follows Idex working system management plan, it is reflected on façade. First floor east wing is occupied by R&D center. The location allows to stream only highly specialized staff without mixing with office and plant workers. West wing contains of small office for building management and canteen.

2nd level main function is office area. In the east part there is conference center and VIP private offices. In the opposite corner there is multifunctional sports room.

The building contains of 2 symmetrically located staircases serving as main vertical communication for all staff. In order to protect that space from overheating and enhance air ventilation in staircases exposed to the south, it was covered from outside by aluminum stretched panels, which visually divides façade in 3 parts.

There are several sources of green energy. On the roof we can find solar panels and rain water tanks, as well as heat pumps on the ground.

Project made by PLUSspace International

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