MeadJohnson Headquarter office

Project: MeadJohnson Headquarter office

Concept design team: Katarzyna Polus, Joon Song, Jin Huh, Maciej Debicki

Area: 6000 sqm

Location: Guangzhou, China

Status: Completed in June 2016

Mead Johnson is a global leader in development and production of nutrition formulas for infants. Their most important product, Enfamil, is one of the most popular products for babies around the world. With the rapid market development in Asia, company decided to open new headquarter for Asia-Pacific market in Guangzhou, China.

There were all the most important design firms from Asia-Pacific area attending 2-stage competition for Mead Johnson office space in Yechiu Tower. The decision to award PSI with 1st Grand Prix was based on several reasons: innovative approach to design of collaboration areas, relation between designed space, company preferred workflow and Mead Johnson image.

When working on concept design we had focused on the Mead Johnson values. Company is famous for nutrition and professional advisory for parents. Hence we made the base for our idea the feeling of staying safe in between mother arms.

That led us to design reception in the way it welcomes and surrounds visitors. Dynamic shape of reception desk was inspired by the drop of milk. Behind, there is reception feature wall, made of parametrically designed wooden panels, suggesting development of company and by its smooth shape underlining comfortable character of the space.

In the big open workplace we designed several semi-open meeting spaces, which work additionally as orientation points. Moreover, in line with main circulation corridors there are round, multifunctional rooms, which depending on needs, may work as conference, training or audio-visual rooms.

There are private offices and meeting rooms next to building core, what makes open space brighter and more vivid. In order to make private offices and meeting rooms corridor more interesting we proposed to push random rooms façade inside, what allowed us to design additional planter boxes.

Greenery was one of the most important element to incorporate. Company leadership wanted to make office user friendly and create healthy environment for employees. We located planter boxes in the way that everyone can enjoy them and they remain easy to maintain.

Easy communication between 2 floors is provided by internal staircase located on the north side of the plan. Around vertical circulation there are seating booths and lounge areas, some of them elevated with the first steps of the staircase, so the entire space may act as stage for company gatherings.

Company contains of many different departments. This, with addition of big floor plan area, makes it harder to find a way to particular function. In order to improve wayfinding properties we divided entire project into 4 theme zones related to different seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. This approach is reflected in color accents for floors, walls and ceilings.

Many design solutions have been developed with end user group after design award. In this way we were able to design space, which employees can relate to and treat as their own. We learned, that senior managers like to work close with project team and, in the same time, stay close to their private office area. Hence we proposed movable partition, within bigger office space, dividing room into 2 functions: proper private workplace and meeting room.

Finished in June 2016 completed project met with positive reaction from both: users and visitors from around the world. Many innovative solutions we introduced to Mead Johnson were applied to other MJ offices, among others in Hong Kong and main European headquarter: Amsterdam.

Project made by PLUSspace International

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