Solo Enoteca & Osteria

Project: SOLO Enoteca+Osteria

Location: Shanghai, China

Status: Finished (September 2014)

The building is located in the center of Shanghai, in one of the most famous streets in the cultural heart of the city. The task was to redesign existing building and implement new function – winebar. Apart of a complete layout change and “clearing” the façade, also the existing ceilings and balconies have been redesigned.

It was important to preserve the original character of the place, while making the interior open and visible from the street. The decisive factor was distinctive, triangular layout of the building. An idea to connect different functional zones (kitchen-bar-dining) and make that connection efficient was to design bar that “cuts” space of the ground floor. At the end there is a place for the presentation of the food or wine.

The bar is clearly visible from the outside, and the window sills were replaced with the tables, so there is no formal border separating the inside from the outside. An important element of the ground floor is also a wall of wine dispensers that allow customers to try out many types of wine.

The space of the ground floor and the first floor was reconnected by removing a portion ceiling. When entering the space, we have a feeling of openness, as well as it is easier to find your way and understand the site plan. On the second floor, apart of bar and seating area, there is also the “wine cellar” – a room used to store and taste wine.

On the third floor there is a bar, seating space and a VIP room. The entire floor works also as a “gallery”, where are exhibited works made by students of the local art school.

Project made by ANS architects and planners

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