Wuhan Zhoubei Development

Project: Wuhan Zhoubei Development

Location: Wuhan, China

Status: Competition

Project qualified for final, closed stage of competition among 2 others design proposal and was awarded with honorable mention.

Project is part of competition organized by the City Planning Department of Wuhan municipality concerned about design proposal for developing part of Wuhan and its neighbourhood.

One of the main priorities, during design process, was to create “city cell” combining different functions: residential, commercial and workplace. Because of its central location, “city cell” needs to contain of landmark element and become recognizable part of new development.

First step was to divide project area on residential and commercial part with consideration of surrounding natural landmarks: Sha and East lakes, as well as natural aspects of site orientation.

Massing is arranged in the way that each tower contain of very good view on the lakes. Landmark tower, skyline and building density is designed according to local regulation requirements and allows natural air movement and proper sun exposure.

Project made by ANS architects and planners

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