Urban design

Xuzhou Masterplan

Project: Xuzhou West New District

Location: Xuzhou, China

Status: Competition

Project qualified for final, closed stage of competition among 3 others design proposal. Due to financial issues, city government decided to not determine the winner.

The competition organized by the City Planning Department of Xuzhou municipality was concerned about planning, urban and architectural design proposal for west, undeveloped “new” area of the city, the implementation of which is planned for the years 2020-2030.

Due to the rapid development of the city and its highly fragmented structure, our main priority during the design process, was to create a sustainable urban complex along the main north-south axis, which intersects the principal east-west axis leading to existing city centre.

There were planned three centers, which functions depend on the surroundings, existing and planned features, existing infrastructure and natural values. Particularly important was how to combine these centers with proper implementation of “green buffer zones”.

The northern part of the district is a logistics center consisting mainly of logistics and production halls, showrooms, offices and food warehouses. There are additional existing values featuring logistics center – train station and located near the highway. An important point – fresh food market, which becomes “gateway” to the district, is located in the southern part of the logistics center. Multicolored roof, which covers regular blocks of market halls symbolize wide variety of local cuisine. Existing in the development an extensive railway station was a natural border between the northern and central part of the city. To solve the circulation problem, there was planned observation walkway having a beginning and an end in the “green buffer zone”.

The central part of the district is the cultural center planned over the lake, in a strategic location with easy access to the city center by metro, and near existing infrastructure and planned residential area in the southern part. It was divided vertically for the car zone and the pedestrian zone. Footbridge over the streets allows for collision-free communication and appreciation of the southern view axis of the city along the green banks of the lake. Two planned skyscrapers, taller than 200 meters, are both: landmark and a symbol of the district’s development, clearly visible from the southern recreational areas located on the shores of the lake and on the hills.

The southern part of the district is a tourist center, located in natural beauty environment and close to existing infrastructure. In addition, planned there were planned additional “city bedroom” and cultural functions, which were combined with the other centers. Important part of the southern district is tourist resort located along the lake with characteristic observation tower overlooking the lake. Inspiration for tower’s parametric design were geometrical shapes of flowers, for which the lake is a natural habitat.

Project made by ANS architects and planners

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