Xuzhou Observation Tower

Project: Xuzhou West New District Observation Tower

Location: Xuzhou, China

Status: Competition

Project qualified for final, closed stage of competition among 3 others design proposal. Due to financial issues, city government decided to not determine the winner and award all proposals with honorable mentions.

Presented design is a part of architectural and urban planning competition project in Xuzhou (CN). Observation tower, located on southern shore of Xuzhou lake, is an iconic element of central and southern project area. Main design objective was to allow visitors enjoy from new prospect natural landscape around the lake as well as proposed new CBD in the northern part of plot.

In order to achieve best result, design of tower is based on programmable parametric formula. Set of final “inputs” depends on view angles, sun path and height of trees and buildings around the plot.

Main inspiration for parametric tower design is shape of water flowers covering water surface along the shore. Backlit elevation changes the colors according to current weather conditions and season.

Project made by ANS architects and planners

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